Not every news story worth repeating is about some major event or crazy twist. I think newspeople are as susceptible to melodrama as anyone, especially when it comes to picking and choosing which of the stories they’ve worked on should be highlighted.

But like most of life, the most important things are usually the simplest in the newsroom. Take, for example, a recent, hyperlocal story I did for my station. The Paris, Texas, Police Department got a flood of calls about credit and debit card theft.

Basic, workaday crime story stuff. But what a lot of ambitious newspeople can easily forget is, to the residents of this small city, this is a big deal. And to everyday people going about their lives, knowing that someone is out there getting hold of credit card accounts is important. As is knowing that the police are working on it.

From the newsroom side, it’s gratifying to know that my station has a cordial, professional relationship with the police department in the region, and that all entities understand the value of helping each other out. I know it’s vogue to think that newsrooms and police/government agencies utterly hate each other and are actively working to bring each other to ruin, but that’s far from the truth. Ultimately, the police and news outlets are trying to reach the same people, so it behooves us to remember that in all ways —- including cooperation, when cooperation is the best approach.

You can read/listen to my simple story on the Paris card thefts by clicking here.