Once in a while I’m reminded why after 16 years in the journalism world I still find the job so much fun: I still get to ask silly questions and do fun stories.

This one started because I told someone I didn’t like a particular singer’s voice, and he wasn’t happy to know that.

Sometimes the most fun stories to do are the ones that start unexpectedly and make you ask questions you never knew you needed answered. If there is one thing about this story I lament it’s that the three people I spoke with (Dr. Robert Woody, Dr. David Scott, and Pete Maloney) were so much fun to talk to and the topic so interesting, I have more than an hour and a half of audio from them —- that I had to boil down to 3:45.

C’est la vie, as the French say. I still answered that perplexing question. You can read the transcript/web story here if you like to follow along. Or listen on The Texas Standard, which ran the piece on July 31.

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