April 28, 2018

Edward R. Murrow is my journalism hero. In one of my video clips, or podcasts, or whatever the hell I put on this site, I have an audio cut of Murrow (known in the radio biz as an actuality) to bookend my piece.

I don’t compare myself to Murrow. I don’t specifically want to be him. Though I do admit I wish I had his voice. But I so respect the man that I’m not even sure how to say it.

So the other day, when I learned I’d won a regional Edward R. Murrow Award for my feral hog piece, I just about plotzed. My name specifically won’t be on it, KETR’s call letters will. But to know my name, a story I did, can now be uttered in the same breath as Murrow’s humbles me.

I’m not really so into awards that they light me up. But this year is the first time I’ve won some for broadcast, and it’s, frankly, awesome. The awards from Texas AP Broadcasters and the regional Murrows tell me I’m not as lost in the world of broadcast journalism as I’d feared.  Who knew my sense of melodrama actually had practical, real-world implications?

I’m grateful to my station for being a place that lets me try things my way. I’m also grateful to the judges who said some genuinely nice things about my work. Both these entities make me want to keep working towards better stories. I want to be able to stand next to the best reporters and storytellers of the age and not stick out for the wrong reasons, like a wedding photo with a dog squatting in the background.

Or, I at least want to be the dog everyone finds entertaining enough to keep around.